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Tiger Antique Chakra Singing Bowl (different size)

Tiger Antique Chakra Singing Bowl (different size)

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This Tiger Antique Chakra Singing Bowl is handmade by hammering brass. There is also mixed small amount of seven auspicious metals (gold, silver, mercury, copper ) in this singing bowl. It produces such a relaxing sound that it will hold your attention. Since the product is entirely handmade: there can be slight variations in color and size.

Free Cushion is included
These singing bowls are between 4" to 12" in diameter
  • 1 Bowl is 11 cm in diameter 150
  • 2 Bowl is 13 cm in diameter 200
  • 3 Bowl is 16 cm in diameter 300
  • 4 Bowl is 18.5 cm in diameter 400
  • 5 Bowl is 22 cm in diameter 450
  • 6 Bowl is 24 cm in diameter 500
  • 7 Bowl is 30 cm in diameter 600

Smallest bowl is 5 cm high
Largest bowl is  12 cm high

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