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Ancient Tibetian Incense | 30 st with holder

Ancient Tibetian Incense | 30 st with holder

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Each packet contains 30 sticks with 1 incense holder. Each stick burns for 60 minutes. Sticks are Approx 11 cm long. Handmade in Nepal.

  • Tibetan Kama Sutra Incense. This emotionally uplifting fragrance is fomulated to enhance the sensual mood of lovers. The fragrance is rich and earthy, not overpowering, with subtlty not often found in Tibetan-style incense. 
  • Tibetan Agarwood Incense. Agarwood is highly valued and popular in Tibet and is known as 'The wood of the Gods'. Agarwood is a rare, valuable and mystical resin used in Incense sticks around Asia, including India and Japan in addition to Tibet. Its fragrance is particularly valued for enabling/enhancing meditation, unlocking the subconscious and balancing the inner winds, or chi. It is used to assist in spiritual journeys, gaining mental clarity and being grounded.
  • Tibetan Amber Resin Incense. This Incense, containing Amber Resin is a blend of many Himalayan plants and herbs. If your familiar with Amber as an aromatic, you'll immediately recognise the warmth from this fragrance. Amber Resin is an admired incense for purification. It is burnt for protection and to promote spirituality within your home.
  • Tibetan Himalayan spice incense. The Ancient art of making incense is the traditional masala method in which natural rein , flower spices, aromatic & medicinal herbs are blended. this ancient tibetan incense revives this tradition with its exclusive masala with himalayan herbs.Perfectly safe for inhalation and the environment.
  • Tibetan Red Sandalwood Incense. Red sandalwood Heart wood is bitter sweet, acrid ,cooling aroma, useful in cephalalgia, Hemicrania , fever, and general debility & mental aberrations in ayurveda & Tibetan Medicine system it is an astringent and tonic Perfectly safe for the inhalation & environment. perfectly safe for the inhalation & environment.

The Burning of incense has been in practice and popular across the world for hundreds of years for spiritual & healing purposes and today, it is used as a tool in alternative medicine too. Buddhist & Hindus monks and other religions across Asia regard incense burning as an essential tool for meditation & worship. It was said that incense was gifted to newly born Jesus. It helps to purify the atmosphere, people use to cleanse their souls, houses and worship room. Perfectly safe for the inhalation & environment.

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