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Rudraksha and Lava Beads Knotted Meditation Mala

Rudraksha and Lava Beads Knotted Meditation Mala

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Rudraksha and Lava Beads Knotted Meditation Mala Contains 108 knotted beads plus guru bead.

Mala strand is approximately 42 cm long 8 mm beads size


Lava stone is a powerful grounding stone that is said to strengthen our connection with Mother Earth. Offering us strength and courage, it promotes stability and emotional calm.

Tip: If you like, you can place a drop of your favourite essential oil on the Lava stones. Wait a few moments to allow the oil to absorb to avoid staining clothes. Then take a deep breath and feel a sense of calm descend.


Rudraksha seeds are said to be formed from the tears of Lord Shiva and have been used throughout history to help balance the mind and emotions. They absorb positive energy, storing and magnifying it over time, creating a spiritual cocoon for the wearer. The longer the seeds are worn and used for meditation the more powerful the seeds become.

All malas are blessed and cleansed before they begin their journey to you.

Product details

  • Natural Lava 8mm beads.
  • 100% natural Rudraksha seeds.
  • Silk thread, hand knotted.
  • Cotton tassel.
IMPORTANT: All our materials are natural and as such you will see variations in colour, shape and texture. This is part of their beauty! Colour in photos may vary slightly from real life, though every effort is made to make the photos as true to life as possible.

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